Perfect Asian Hair Repair

I am the kind of person who work only when its necessary or urgent, so when my friend told me that this weekend we have to attend two functions in a row and we can’t skip obviously it made me worried.

I checked my wardrobe immediately and was relived to see some outfits suitable for the occasion, i thought to try it out and saw myself in the mirror and there it was

The Horror, my HAIR , it was dry damaged and lifeless.

I opened my laptop and checked the recent pictures and the same dull lifeless hair was looking at me :s there wasn’t any time to go to salon to fix it.

I started walking round and round in my room to think of a solution and then i found it, yes the traditional home remedy for hair repair that my mum always asked me to use it at least once a week and i although i know i works still don’t use it just because of my laziness

here it is, the picture of my hair

Concentrate on the roots


And coz i didn’t want my hair to look again like this in the pictures, i went to the kitchen to find the ingredients and after half an hour it was all fixed and i am happy 🙂


This is me after a wash and blow dry




And this one is of the function




Now as i have to go to another today i am going to get ready for tonight


For the hair repair you will need:


Yogurt            Half Cup

Vinegar           1 tbsp.

Mustard oil    3 tbsp.

Egg                 1

Mix all the ingredients and apply on hair for half an hour. Use hot towel treatment before wash and enjoy the feeling


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