Just Another Strike





On my desk, I can clearly listen to my boss calling and yelling at those who didn’t come to the office and one of my colleagues is biting my head off by telling me how she managed to come to office when the whole city is closed including the transport and fuel stations. I was however sitting calmly and peacefully doing my work when she asked me ‘why are we sitting there and doing nothing, we should do something about these strikes in Karachi…who give these political parties the right to stop us from working anytime they want?’


I looked at her angry bird face (yes she was looking like a pink angry bird) and said “what do you want me to do? “


“I don’t know”  a quick reply  “but we should do something it’s like we are living in a jungle and anyone can come out on roads anytime to burn our buses and vehicles and close our markets”


“Maybe you are acting very negatively”, I answered coolly sipping my hot tea “they say you should always look at half class full not at half glass empty”


“How you see a positive sign here”, the angry bird asked with popping eyes


“Well” , I offered her a biscuit which she refused harshly, “didn’t you see the condition of our buses how ancient they look and I am sure it’s not safe to travel in them”


Oh yeah cool thinking, and what about the private cars?


Hmm, may be they are doing it so people can buy new ones and now a days almost every car is insured so that would be a reason too


O really what an innocent excuse to burn anyone’s car haan so what about closing the fuel stations and schools and colleges, aren’t we suffering because of that


Well, who doesn’t fancy a day off from the hustle bustle and work and study?


“Oh yeah? “She screamed and for a second I thought this is the last scream I heard as my ear protested against such violent act “and they are doing it for our own good they are actually giving us a favor right? That’s why they are on roads and not only smashing our vehicles also robbing us”


“May be they are bored, they have nothing to do that’s their way to enjoy” I said in a deeply bored voice “why don’t you go and ask them to show a Karachi flash mob on roads instead of robbing and killing.”


You are simply bizarre, these people are making our lives hell and you think it’s funny that’s why we can’t take a step against them and that’s why they are doing it again and again


And with this note the angry bird flew from my desk……..Phew!


I just wondered by talking and grudging about the issues can we erase them. Or we are simply becoming a talking nation? Like those talk shows that are busy discussing and talking the issues from politics to veena malik and think the task has done


Well! As I cannot see the solution other than that I am boycotting the strike and coming to office everyday besides all the transport and fuel problems I cannot suggest any step nor discuss the situation with the angry bird because I have work to do, Secondly; I didn’t involve in any of such activities and lastly and more importantly my boss is in a bad mood


P.S. if someone wants to take a step and can make a plan to teach those bored people about a Flash mob performance, let me in. I would love to watch a dancing mob at Sharahe Faisal rather than screaming and robbing




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