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Here in Pakistan they say that ‘by killing a lizard, you will never become a good cook’? Well I have a very strong suspicion that surely I have killed many lizards in my life (although I never dreamed of killing lizards yackkk :s ) because no matter how hard I work to make a perfect recipe it won’t work for me. Besides all my concentration and effort, my dishes lack the perfect aroma and taste that my mum and sisters maintain very easily.


But it doesn’t mean that I will quit, no I will never no matter how many lizards I have to kill I will never give up and try to cook whenever I get time.


If I have to do any experiments or need to follow any recipe I normally do it at night when everyone else sleep. Why??

Simple: if I fail the dish, no one would be there to criticize me:D…………

Thanks to so many food bloggers, they really give simple and delicious recipes which I can easily follow and appreciate the fact that now we can get recipes of any country and any culture just with a simple click.


Apart from getting any information you are searching for, the thing I really love is to get to know these ladies and their personal lives, their happy moments, their struggle through the blogs and yes automatically they are now a part of our lives.


This global friendship is growing day by day and undoubtedly this is a new way to decrease the tension, release depression and indulge in a new way of happiness and love



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