Beautiful Sea of Pakistan

We had to go on  a shoot where we wanted to highlight the lives of the fisherman in Pakistan.

As i am very much scared of water, i thought of requesting to spare me 😛 but then just for the sake of adventure i said yes and early in the morning we started out journey because our fisherman are no lazy like us and they start working before sunrise

We started our trip in a boat to the reach the point in deep-sea where all the fisherman are awaiting for the catch.

The beauty of the sea and the colors of sky and blue water were mesmerizing

Yet after talking to these people who works on daily basis for living, it was sad how they are working so hard and not receiving anything in return.

Their kids are not going to school, they are lacking every basic necessities of life. At one point i believe this part of life want us to learn that no matter how bad the situation is, always thanks God for having a good life and on the other hand it makes me sick how some of us are spending thousands of rupees on senseless shopping and some of us are not even getting a meal per day

We are busy in such big issues of terrorism and American relations and politics topics that these problems are way behind from the scene
We as a nation needs much more than a sincere government. We need self commitment and need to change on individual basis, then only we can have a pure system that believes on addressing common man problem not any cheap politics stunt


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Sea of Pakistan

  1. I’ve always thought Pakistan got a lot of harsh press – in my travels in the Islamic world, Pakistanis were amongst the friendliest and most generous people I met. Nice pictures too. 🙂

  2. I feel so sad for the plight of the poor fishermen who are struggling to make both ends meet. You are right about the focus on the big issues like terrorism and forgetting the very basic which is economics. The reason why terrorism flourishes is because the leaders fail to address poverty. When the people are devoid of even the very basic needs in life, the stage is set for terrorism to flourish.

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