My Lunch: Fried Fish & Fruit Chaat






Being a working woman means you have to be out for the whole day

From morning till night and meanwhile I have to choose all those unhygienic items that are making me fat. So from now on I will pack myself a lunch, which maybe not so healthy but at least I won’t eat much from outside


So packing lunch means I need to get up earlier? Not possible at all


Another option, I can make it a night, hmm? Well not possible either, coz I usually comes late and very tired and obviously I don’t want to cook at night

So, what are my options then??


I need some quick and easy recipes to make my lunch in morning and that won’t consume much time


So from now on, I am in search of all the recipes that can finish my hunger and save my time


Today I made Fish and fruit chaat


Very easy to make and yummy and healthy too


Fried Fish:


1 Fish Fillet

A pinch salt

A pich black pepper

A pinch crushed red chili

1\2 tsp vinegar

Egg for coating

Corn flakes for coating

Oil for frying


Heat oil in a pan for shallow frying

Put vinegar, salt, black pepper, red chili to the fish fillet, set aside

Beat egg and place corn flakes in a plate

Now dip the fish in egg and then coat with corn flakes and fry till golden brown.


Fruit Chaat:

1 guava

Half Apple

Half lemon juice

A pinch black pepper

Cut and mix well



Ta Da….my lunch is ready

Time to go :)

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